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Vintagetannoyspeakers.com was established by a group of Tannoy Speaker enthusiasts, each sharing a real passion for this classic British loudspeaker.

As vintage Tannoy enthusiasts we can understand the depth of feeling involved before arriving at the decision to sell your Tannoys. Our experience has taught us that the decision to sell may be prompted by the passing of a loved one, or simply the demands made by the need for space in the home. Regardless of the reason, you can be assured that what was once treasured will continue to be treasured.

Tannoy Today

Guy Fountain retired from the company in 1974. But Tannoy continues his philosophy to this day, and the company prides itself in its dedication to the accurate and realistic reproduction of music for both enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

The Tannoy brand name can be found not only in the homes of discerning hi-fi enthusiasts around the globe but also in some of the most prestigious audio installations throughout the world. Examples include the Hong Kong Convention Centre, the Sydney Opera House, the London Palladium and the Bellagio and Hard Rock Hotels in Las Vegas.


More recently the Burj Khaleefa and Atlantis hotel resorts in Dubai and Yas Marina Hotel on the Abu Dhabi F1 circuit have been installed with Tannoy Loudspeaker throughout. In airports, shopping centres, churches, stadiums, music venues and in living rooms around the world, Tannoy has a cutting edge loudspeaker solution.

If you have Tannoys you would like to sell, please get in touch with us.



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